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Bulletin from the 2021 Annual General Meeting

Raytelligence AB (publ) held its annual general meeting on Monday, 19 April 2021, with the following main resolutions being made.


Adoption of income statement and balance sheet


The Annual General Meeting resolved to approve the income statement and balance sheet Profit allocation The Annual General Meeting resolved that the profits SEK 18,870,337 be capitalized in a new account


The Annual General Meeting granted the members of the Board and the President discharge from liability for the 2020 financial year. Determination of fees to the board and auditors The Annual General Meeting resolved that board fees corresponding to a price base amount shall be paid to members Klas Arvidson, Per-Arne Viberg, Peter Martinson and two price base amounts to the chairman Jonas Vikbladh.Remuneration to the auditor is proposed to be paid according to the invoice. Election of board, nomination committee and auditor The Annual General Meeting resolved to re-elect all members and auditor.


Decision on authorization


The Annual General Meeting resolved to authorize the Board to, for the period until the next Annual General Meeting, with or without preferential rights for the shareholders, decide on a new issue of shares, convertibles or warrants. It shall be possible for a new issue to take place against cash payment and / or with a provision for non-cash or set-off or otherwise with conditions. It must also be possible to issue warrants without consideration.

Questions are referred to:

Klas Arvidson, CEO Raytelligence

+46 70 416 98 00


Raytelligence AB (publ)

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About Raytelligence AB (publ)

Raytelligence is a Swedish innovation company, based in Halmstad that offers products for monitoring vital parameters, ie breathing, heart rate and movement patterns, based on the company's own 60 GHz radar technology.

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