Board and Auditor

Jonas Vikbladh Chairman of the Board

Born 1957

Board member since 2018

Jonas Vikbladh became a member of the Swedish Bar Association in 1987 and has since worked and been a partner in a few law firms, since 2007 in Advokatfirman Delphi. Jonas works exclusively with commercial issues; advisory, contracts and with dispute resolutions. He has recurrent assignments as chairman of general meetings.

Other appointed Board engagements:
Chairman of the Board for eValent Group AB and eValent Holding AB. Deputy Board member at Cyber Relax Sweden AB and Compitum - Advokatbyrån för upphandlingsjuridik AB.

Per-Arne Viberg Board Member

Born 1953

Board member since 2015

Graduate as M.Sc. in mechanical engineering in 1992 from the University of Lund, and graduate as Lic.Tech. in computer engineering in 1996 from Chalmers University of Technology. He has worked as developer and project leader for big computer systems. 1987 he was employed at Halmstads University and build research and education in computer technique. He founded the communication company Free2move AB year 2000, founded Swedish Adrenaline AB year 2013 which is parent company to Raytelligence AB which was founded year 2015. Per-Arne has been CEO of both companys since start and also CTO in Raytelligence.

Other Board engagement:
Chairman of the Board for Innowearable AB, Member of the Board for Swedish Adrenaline AB and Pelle Viberg Konsult AB

Peter Martinson Board Member and CFO

Born 1953

Board member since 2015

Peter have studied Industrial Economy at University of Linköping for 4 years. Founded an IT consultant company with 60 employees which was acquired by Information Highway AB year 1996. Region Manager for approximately 200 IT-consultants at Information Highway AB. Was strongly involved in the IPO of Information Highway 1999. Investment manager from year 2000 and CFO in a number of companies from year 2007.

Other Board engagement:
Chairmen of the Board for Swedish Adrenaline AB, member of the Board for Kapitalisera Sverige AB and Innowearable AB


Ludvig Kollberg Auditor

Moore Stephens KLN AB


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