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Raytelligence offers a solution for monitoring elderly in their homes. The service means that healthcare providers receive real-time warnings concerning specific incidents such as “Eric have fallen out of his bed” or “Lisa have a respiration rate of 20 breath per minute”. The incident is directly sent to the healthcare provider which enables short response time. The system has developed a web interface where the healthcare givers can receive warnings without involve processing in a back-end system.

With this technology can supervised and secured homecare be offered as an alternative to nursing home, which means higher quality of life and independence for the elderly. Home care is also advantageous from a cost perspective. Remote monitoring of patients using sensors can reduce approximately 29 billion per year from 2025.

In addition to the care are there opportunities to offer the technology to other customers who need to monitor vital signs such as crane operator. The sensor technique in this area can have great impact by a higher security at construction. 

The intention is to introduce a sensor system with machine learning capacity for several applications. The combination of high performance radar technique and AI have potential to facilitate and streamline in many sectors.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 855664

Certificate Seal of Excellence from the EU Commission


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